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Evolucion de parálisis facial

Evolution of Patients With Immediate Complete Facial Paralysis Secondary to Acoustic Neuroma Surgery.

Fecha: Año 2016

Autores: Adriana Pardo-Maza - Luis Lassaletta - Teresa González-Otero - José María Roda - Susana Moraleda - Álvaro Arbizu - Javier Gavilán.

Abstract: —Objective: To study the evolution of patients with immediate complete facial paralysis after acoustic neuroma surgery in different scenarios and assess different facial reanimations techniques.

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Small Synthetic Hyaluronan Disaccharides Afford Neuroprotection in Brain Ischemia-Related models

Bases Anatomicas y Hemodinamicas del complejo de la arteria comunicante anterior.

Autores: J. Egea - E. Parada - V. Gomez-Rangel - I. Buendia - P. Negredo - E. Montell - R. Ruhí - J. Vergés - J.M. Roda - A.G. Garcia - M.G. Lopez

Abstract: —High molecular weight (HMW) glycosaminoglycanes of the extracellular matrix have been implicated in tissue repair.

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Isquemia cerebral. Abordaje experimental

New goals in ischemic stroke therapy: the experimental approach harmonizing science with practice.

Fecha: 02/12/2005

Autores: M. Alonso de Leciñana- -E. Diez-Tejedor - Maria Gutierrez - Sandra Guerrero - Fernando Carceller - J.M. Roda

Abstract: Undeniable advances have been made in clinical and experimental investigation ...

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